How to clean flat screen TV

Clean Flat Screen TVCleaning of flat screen television requires precision. With the incoming of LCD television it has become utmost important to pay attention while cleaning. Since the LCD televisions are narrow and dust gets accumulated in the panels and rims the area becomes sensitive which needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Though the coating of snit- glare is applied on the plasma television yet cleaning is essential and brisk cleaning that has a different course to follow. Easy and safe step is what has to be taken to maintain the televisions.

Easy cleaning solution – to clean flat tv initially the television has to be switched off since it is the dark colour which enables proper cleaning. Areas which are greased with oil or have specks of dust can be rubbed easily. It is gentle cleaning with which you can swap the screen and the cloth that needs to be used is microfiber and common tip is to erase it with the eraser which is dry.

The cloth which helps in cleaning has to be taken care of – the cloth should not be rubbed off against the surface and it should be pat dry. Pixels get destroyed if the cloth is not smooth so opting for a smooth cloth is important. It is distilled water mixed with vinegar in proportion in which the cloth should be dipped and then dried. Vinegar has to be white.

Layers of products that are to be used – spray bottles that are available in the market for flat screens are effective but not as effective as the solution of white vinegar and water concoction. The plastic that surrounds the television has to be cleaned separately.

Products that need to be avoided – tissue paper and toilet paper should not be used on the screen. The products which are not soft should be avoided at all cost. Nail polish remover should also not be used to clean the surface. Spray should not be applied directly on the screen of the television as it destroys the pixels of the television.

Apart from the usage you also have to check whether the screen is glossy or matte. When applying the spray on the cloth and then wiping it on the television it has to be taken note of that finger tips should also be cleaned while wiping the surface of the television. Intense cleaning is not required usually and soft cleaning makes it good. The screens today come with the paper coated on them hence there is no need to worry about the screen. Sharp objects are to be avoided at all costs. If by wiping the screen with a dry cloth the grime does not come off you have to move on to the next step which is to dry it by using a damp cloth mix with the solution. Dusting the surface with brush is essential on a day to day basis so as to maintain the longevity of the screen. Do not exert yourself while cleaning the screen.