Importance of a good antivirus

Importance of antivirus, computer securityThere are a lot of good reasons for you to get a good antivirus for your computer. The most important thing is confidentiality. You may lose some vital information or data if there is no antivirus installed in your company. Another point is integrity. There are information that are modified ands reserved by people who have authorization but if there is no installation of a good antivirus, such information may be accessible for the hackers who are present all over the world wide web.

If you do not want an unwanted person prying over your confidential files and data, you must get an antivirus installed. Online theft is a common problem and the best way to deal with it is a good anti virus installation for your personal as well as office computer. It is also a matter of security of your money as most of the transactions today are made over the net.

Things to look for in a wireless router

Wireless routers, RoutersThere are some basic features that all wireless routers should have. A wireless router should be having a broadcasting system of disabling SSID. Then, there should be a facility of changing the default SSID. You should be able to get the WEP encryption enabled. The filtering of MAC address should also be enabled.

These are important for getting away from the hackers. Then there are some other features as well. The router should have a WPA. It is a kind of a solution for all the flaws of security. Then there is the WPA PSK. This is not difficult to set up at all. The shared key has to be copied to the router and the adapter and it will be set. You should also look out for the TKIP in the wireless router. A very high version of the WPA encryption is the AES that you should look out for.

3D mobile phones

3D mobile phones, mobile technologyDo you want to know about the features and facilities of a 3D mobile phone before purchasing it? Well then read this article and know about all the necessary details. Samsung B710 is one of the latest 3D mobile phones that have made the phone lovers really excited. This phone has got a number of fabulous features in which 3D parallel display. TV tuner and a 3D camera with dual lens are present.

This 3D phone may look like any other regular slider phone but the 3D features are vibrant when you switch it on and take look at the display. The display turns into a 3D screen once it is on. Motorola, LG and other companies are also making their mark in launching 3D phones and all the 3D mobile phones have 3D output via HDMI. In HTC 3D phone you will get HD display along with 5MP dual lens camera.

Advancements in cloud computing

Cloud computing , communication technologyThe cloud computing has increased the communication technology a lot. In today’s world, the cloud computing has provided much faster communication. It allows the remote storage of data. The cloud computing enables a number of users to use different applications at different times without exerting too much hardware loan on the cloud server. Though the initial installation of the cloud computing is expensive, but the per unit cost is much less as the number of user increases. The cloud servers are upgraded timely without any risk of data loss, thus you stay updated always.

You can easily store your important data on the cloud servers and can easily make access whenever you require them. You can easily ask your service provider to increase your server storage limit at a much lesser price in cloud computing than while using a regular hosting service. The packages available in the cloud computing are much are much affordable. Thus the communication technology has reached a new height with the advancement of the cloud computing.