HP: a reliable brand for printers

Over the last decade, Hewlett Packard has been the brand in the market, when it comes to printer industry. They have come a long way from the dot matrix industry to the latest digital laser printers. With a massive market across the globe, HP has turned out to be a world leader in the printing world. They have managed to innovate and enhance every model they have built. Above all, the integration of printer with scanner, facsimile and photo-copier has been something which no other company could compete with. The increase in sales every quarter has been a proof of the trust HP has built among all its clients.

Hewlett Packard printers have over the years brought in a lot of stability in the printer world. Especially, in large business hubs, they have made it a point to stand out in terms of performance. HP has also captured the small-family market, where people use it for minimal output.