How to clean flat screen TV

Clean Flat Screen TVCleaning of flat screen television requires precision. With the incoming of LCD television it has become utmost important to pay attention while cleaning. Since the LCD televisions are narrow and dust gets accumulated in the panels and rims the area becomes sensitive which needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Though the coating of snit- glare is applied on the plasma television yet cleaning is essential and brisk cleaning that has a different course to follow. Easy and safe step is what has to be taken to maintain the televisions.

Easy cleaning solution – to clean flat tv initially the television has to be switched off since it is the dark colour which enables proper cleaning. Areas which are greased with oil or have specks of dust can be rubbed easily. It is gentle cleaning with which you can swap the screen and the cloth that needs to be used is microfiber and common tip is to erase it with the eraser which is dry.

The cloth which helps in cleaning has to be taken care of – the cloth should not be rubbed off against the surface and it should be pat dry. Pixels get destroyed if the cloth is not smooth so opting for a smooth cloth is important. It is distilled water mixed with vinegar in proportion in which the cloth should be dipped and then dried. Vinegar has to be white.

Layers of products that are to be used – spray bottles that are available in the market for flat screens are effective but not as effective as the solution of white vinegar and water concoction. The plastic that surrounds the television has to be cleaned separately.

Products that need to be avoided – tissue paper and toilet paper should not be used on the screen. The products which are not soft should be avoided at all cost. Nail polish remover should also not be used to clean the surface. Spray should not be applied directly on the screen of the television as it destroys the pixels of the television.

Apart from the usage you also have to check whether the screen is glossy or matte. When applying the spray on the cloth and then wiping it on the television it has to be taken note of that finger tips should also be cleaned while wiping the surface of the television. Intense cleaning is not required usually and soft cleaning makes it good. The screens today come with the paper coated on them hence there is no need to worry about the screen. Sharp objects are to be avoided at all costs. If by wiping the screen with a dry cloth the grime does not come off you have to move on to the next step which is to dry it by using a damp cloth mix with the solution. Dusting the surface with brush is essential on a day to day basis so as to maintain the longevity of the screen. Do not exert yourself while cleaning the screen.

How to connect a phone to TV using HDMI cable

TV using HDMI cableAre you looking to connect your mobile phone to your TV? Well, it could be that you have some video or photos or music loaded in your smart device and you just wish to relish it on a bigger screen. That’s good and the best part is that it’s really easy to connect your phone to TV with the help of HDMI cable.

Step by step guide

• Step 1

You will find HDMI port in your phone where you will enter the cable. Most of the phones have “HDMI” written beside the port for easy signal. Otherwise search for a port next to the port for micro-USB connector port on your phone- the HDMI jack looks somewhat akin to micro-USB connector and hence these two ports are generally located side by side.

• Step 2

After you have entered the HDMI cable into the designated slot on your phone, launch the phones gallery app to choose the right display for you. The TV screen would exhibit:

Gallery: You could start slide-show by picking My Library & then press on Menu button to choose Slideshow command.

Mirror on Display: The phone’s screen output would be duplicated on your HDMI TV. This facility allows you to watch a full-sized rented movie from the phone to the TV.

Music: It will display music app from your phone. You can choose your desired album, playlist, artist & relish the music on big screen.

However, remember to switch on the TV speakers beforehand to listen to the music or movie or videos you transfer from the phone to the TV.

Once you are done with the display selection on the TV, some controls would come up on the big screen. In case you miss out on them, you have to tap the darkened space of your screen for a redisplay. The upper left side of the screen would exhibit a “Play” sign with “HDMI” showing under it. Tap on the HDMI” icon for launching player controls.

• Step 3

Press the Pause/Play button for outputting the selection (video or photo or movie or music) to the TV.

• Step 4

After you are successfully done with the transfer, do not forget to take out the HDMI cable from your phone.

• Having troubles?

In case you are having troubles with steps mentioned above, change your phone’s HDMI setting. Go for “Settings”, followed by “HDMI” & “HDMI Format”.

Tips to take good care of your electronic goods

electronic goodsIf you love your laptops, smart phones, camcorders etc, you need to give special attention towards them. It is a fact that these electronic appliances complete your needs and so you can no way take care of these products casually. If by any chance you try to neglect them, they will not serve you the best way they can and ultimately the loser will be no one but you.

The first thing to be kept in mind is that it is best to keep the unused electronic goods with covers. Covers will be a guard against the dirt and insects to get into the control panels of the equipments and damage it. Movable devices like tablets and laptops should also be kept covered so that the screen is safe from the dirt and increases its age. Sometimes due to rough handling, these appliances can get damaged which will be prevented by the covers on it.

Usage of proper cases is also a good option to safeguard your electronic goods from getting damaged. It will turn out to be a favor for yourself if you buy a proper case for your I-pads and smart phones because if by any chance your gadget falls from your hand, your hard earned money will seem to be gone into deep water. Today’s kids are too smart and they have a strange attraction towards gadgets. Being kids it will not actually be their fault if they drop your smart phone while passing it to you. So, it is advisable to get a protective case for these equipments to avoid accidental damage.

An extremely important point which should be remembered to keep your electronic goods in proper working condition is to keep them miles away from water. You should positively keep the gadgets away from you whenever you are going for a shower, or is cooking. If water gets into electronic appliances, it will ruin them and will give you a lot of tension.

History of television and mass broadcasts

As one of the most influential pieces of technology to emerge in the last hundred years, it’s important to remember that the television has developed incredibly quickly and over a relatively short period of time.

From the first mechanical television to the modern flat screen TV, the humble television has gone through an extraordinary number of changes and documented events as important as the moon landing and Kennedy’s assassination along the way.

Here we take a brief look at the history of the television and mass broadcasts and examine how they’ve changed over time. For more detailed information on technical and scientific developments, take a look at this article by Mitchell Stephens.

Early broadcasts

Broadcast television was introduced in different countries at different times. The earliest broadcasts were made in the UK and USA in the last years of the 1920s, with regular broadcasts on the BBC and other stations becoming commonplace in the 1930s.

Though the Second World War halted broadcasts in the UK between 1939 and 1945, and US development was hampered by poor investment and a lack of technical standards for broadcasters to abide by. An estimated 200 television sets were in use by the mid 30s, with this figure increasing dramatically throughout the decade.

High definition broadcasts

During the early stages of television, the number of areas able to receive broadcasts was low. In America, Los Angeles had experimented with early low-definition broadcasts before they ground to a halt and New York began high-definition broadcasts.

In the UK, high-definition broadcasts were resumed in 1946 following the end of the war. By the end of 1947, there were an estimated 44,000 television sets in the USA and an impressive 54,000 in the UK. The global expansion and domination of TV was about to begin.

Quick progression

As the demand for televisions grew, technology made a number of incredible leaps forward, changing the way people lived their lives in the process. In 1948, cable television was introduced in order to deliver the service to rural areas. In 1950, the first colour television was announced and by 1962, satellites had been introduced as a means of delivering television signals so broadcasts could now be relayed internationally.

Over the next few years, colour sets become the norm and satellite technology was developed to the point where broadcasts could be made from the moon and viewers had an incredible amount of channel choice.

During this time, the public broadcast of major events such as the 1969 moon landing (which attracted 530 million viewers) and popular global entertainment shows such as Eurovision (which attracted 125 million annual viewers between 1956 and 2013) cemented the importance of TV.

Development of smart TV

By 1996, there were a billion TV sets worldwide and televisions were being designed with an increasingly incredible quality of picture. After plasma technology pushed picture quality further than ever, the led TV was introduced as the television to beat, boasting fantastic picture clarity and brightness.

As we look to the future, consumer demand for more integrated and responsive technology seems to point toward the widespread adoption of smart TVs.

Useful electronic devices for kids

Kid's gadgets, electronics for kid'sOne of the best options when it comes to useful electronic devices for kids is the iPod. If you are a musical family and do not mind you children listening to some music of their choice, this is the perfect gift for them.

The new eBook readers can be a good buy for your child as well. it is hard to find a kid who is into books these days if your child is, presenting him the eBook reader will increase his interest in books even more. He will be able to read as much as wants trough this amazing little device and he would not have to go to the library or carry heavy books for that. USB drives are every important these days. Kids can take them for notes or for submitting class projects. Therefore, a good quality USB drive with a good memory is something your kid will find useful.

Music in style: IPods

If you are in love with music and cannot even live without it, I-Pod is the gadget that will fulfill all your music related needs. If you are not sure that how i-pod can fulfill your music needs then you should experience this amazing and superb gadget that has its unique style in music and enhances music experience like no other gadgets like walkmans or CD players can do.

It keeps the track of your music taste and make sure you listen to only those songs that you like very much. It’s not like a radio where you have to listen to what is played to you. It has various options to arrange your playlist and you can also make it to shuffle songs for you but that also for your favorite music only. The manufacturer of I-pods has set a very unique phenomenon of music changing, and it is widely enjoyed all over the world.

LCD monitors: advantages

Television industry has made some impressive progress in electronic industry. The quality you get in your current screens is 500% better than it used to be 15- 20 years back. If you like to watch movies a lot on your television, play video games on play station or Xbox and tired of having a big fat television capturing a big place on your table. Then LCD is the right screen for you to go.

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display; it has completely changed the science of television industry. LCDs are so thin and light that they can be even hanged on the wall to give you a new sensational look in your room. Plus, LCDs use a very little space so it provides you enough space to put different stuff on your table and room.

Other than size, a crystal clear crisp video quality is the added benefit of LCDs. Watching movies on LCDs makes the experience worth it.

Buying cell phones according to your budget and needs

In this modern era, as the technology has evolved dramatically, recession, inflation & other such type of economic worries has troubled us to keep our budgets tight. When you are buying a cell phone, you need to note down your needs and the budget you have fixed for this purchase. The next step is to check out online stores for whole sale prices of cell phones that matches your price range. Now, you can compare the specifications between different cell phones in your price range.

Definitely, it shows that you will have to compromise few feature based on your budget. For example, you can get MP3, AM/FM, for your budget but you might not be able to get GPS enabled cell phone. But if you have wrote down your needs on priority basis, the process of making a purchase for your cell phone can become a lot easier for you.

Laptops vs. Desktops

It is a long term debate, laptop vs. desktop. We must keep in mind that comparing those is like comparing apples with oranges. No matter how old desktop computers get, it will have its own place because of its performance and unlimited customization options. Desktops are always preferred in high end software work like editing, animation and other different professions.

When it comes to performance, there is no comparison between laptops and desktops. On the contrary, laptops are not able to hold high performance task. You cannot play some high end graphics video games; you cannot run professional software properly. But, when it comes to mobility, there is no comparison to laptops. If you are a person who travels a lot for business trips and do not have any work that require high performance setup then laptop is the way to go for you. On the other hand, if you are a professional animator, editor or graphic designer you will have to get a desktop.

Important gadgets to carry while travelling

Gadgets have become a very important part of our daily lives. We cannot afford to leave our homes on travel without certain gadgets. Some gadgets are necessities while some are for your entertainment desires.

When you are travelling to somewhere, there are certain gadgets that you need to have with yourself. A travel is no fun without a digital camera or cam recorder. You would want to make sure to capture every beautiful scene that you see in your cam. Another important gadget is GPS enabled cell phone or any other portable device with GPS enabled. It will help you throughout your travel to guide you to keep yourself on the right track. Plus, you can locate yourself and find certain places that you want to stop by to visit during the travel. During travel to foreign countries, language translators and currency convert gadgets can help you to a great deal.