Secure your gadgets with a shield screen

shield screenIt is very important to buy a good shield for the screen when purchasing a new gadget. A good shield for the gadget is needed for making the hi-tech gadget last a long time. These gadgets are sued regularly and are also carried everywhere. If you want to keep the gadgets form daily depreciation, you have to protect it. The gadgets could be maintained and kept shining at all times by protecting the screen by a shield. This will help the screen from scratches and also prevent the accumulation of dust.

The fingerprints also create a problem in the screen and by prolonged exposure of the screen, the LCD can be ruined.  The screen has to be protected from the fingertips, the nails, and the stylus in order to keep it clear. Therefore, a nice and clean shield for the screen is necessary. You pay a fat sum on the gadgets but the gadget will deteriorate if you forget a little money on the shield.

How to change from one server to another

Tips to change servers, serversIt’s quite a challenging mission for every non- techie to change from one server to another. So what is this server transition all about? A little research to get you on – going through the different websites of the web hosting providers would ease the work required. It is better to stress on the competitive price ranged packages but be sure of the size. Next would be having a Data Backup, because during the transition period, a loss of data is no big game, so when it’s easy, why ignore it? Just head to the root folder of the server and drag the entire data range to the computer, and your work is done!

Now here comes the assistance time from those tech guys at your new server hosting company, what is to be done simply is creating a new database with the old name of course for synchronization and uploading all your data there. Now you are quite close to ending up, and simply need two name savers (like, ns1.your, it might be pre programmed or the control panel needs some settings change. This update varies from 24-48 hrs, it is better to keep some data at your old server, to let others continue to log on even during the transition period. So here you are, on your new server! Good luck.

Top five must have gadgets for a working woman

women gadget, gadgetsGadgets are no more merely “wants”. They are extremely essential in these fast paced times. Everyone is in some way or the other dependent on the modern gadgets that have made our life so much easier. One of the most important gadgets that a working woman would find useful is a wireless electronic locator that will help her find her essentials like car keys and small stuff like that when in hurry. A short but efficient net book is a must for every working woman. Women may have to juggle family and work at the same time and so she could work from anywhere if she has a reliable and computer with her all the time.


A good phone is quite essential for working women; a smart phone with all the essential features should make her life much easier. Since women like to keep themselves pretty all the time, they should carry a handy hair iron with them. In this way then can make sure they are looking tidy and confident all the time. A good USB drive is also something that she should carry.