Types of Impact Printers

printersDefinition of a printer is not precise means in other words there are many definitions which describe the functioning and the use of printers in our daily routine. There are many advantages which makes us more relevant to use the printers for our work. Well, in my view the definition of printer is an external device which is connected to the computer for getting the data printed from the computer. It is a device which can print any text or the illustration on the paper by connecting the computer with it.

It can be said that it is and external device which is connected with other device for receiving the data on the hard copy. Not only a similar or particular printer is available in the market but there are different types of printers which can be availed by the person who wants to use it. This article will help you to figure out which type of printer is more suitable for your working criteria.

Types of Impact Printers

  • Dot Matrix Printers

The structuring and the functioning of dot matrix printer are a bit different than the other printers. It consists of 9 to 24 pins in it. With the help of these pins, dots are printed on the paper and that makes the form of readable sentence for the readers of the book or the paper. Dot matrix printers produce much better quality of result which can be more efficient for the users. With the help of this printer, quality of the paper and the words on the paper are maintained in a better way.


  • Daisy Wheel Printers

If you are willing to have the similar result just like a typewriter, than Daisy wheel printers are the best option to be opted for by the user. I know its name is a bit different and unique but there is reason behind its name. It is called daisy wheel printers because its structure is like daisy, which generated solid printed lines on the papers. Talking about the speed of the printer, it is typically slower than other printers. Its speed of printing the words is 25-55 characters per second.


  • Line Printers

In big industries like printing press or any other industry of printing, small printers are of no use because they need to print big things which can make their work easy and fast. Well for solving your issues, line printers have taken their stand. A series of line printers are placed all together for printing the work on a fast base to accelerate the work load of the industries. This type of printer is best suitable for big industries.


  • Drum Printers

Drum printers are different types of printers which consist of the shape like a drum. It consists of 80 to 132 printing positions which becomes easy for the printers to print their work. The cylindrical drum rotates on a higher speed which prints fastest amongst all the printers.  The average speed of drum printers ranges to 2000 to lines per minute.