iPad 3: A brand new launch from Apple

iPAd 3, new iPad 3 Apple has caught the attention of the mobile market since the time it released the iPhone. The Apple iPad is another device which people are very fond of. The first two models of iPad have been impressive indeed, and iPad 3 was much awaited by the Apple fans. The looks of iPad 3 are quite similar to Ipad 2, but the features are more advanced. The performance of iPad 3 will amaze the users.

The Retina display which has been used for the iPad 3 makes the screen look very clear and crisp. The new model is much more user friendly and the interface is excellent. You can use various applications and software’s with the iPad 3 pretty easily. Playing action packed games in the iPad 3 is entertaining with the graphics configuration of the new iPad. People are pretty impressed by this new version of iPad being launched by Apple.