How to connect a phone to TV using HDMI cable

TV using HDMI cableAre you looking to connect your mobile phone to your TV? Well, it could be that you have some video or photos or music loaded in your smart device and you just wish to relish it on a bigger screen. That’s good and the best part is that it’s really easy to connect your phone to TV with the help of HDMI cable.

Step by step guide

• Step 1

You will find HDMI port in your phone where you will enter the cable. Most of the phones have “HDMI” written beside the port for easy signal. Otherwise search for a port next to the port for micro-USB connector port on your phone- the HDMI jack looks somewhat akin to micro-USB connector and hence these two ports are generally located side by side.

• Step 2

After you have entered the HDMI cable into the designated slot on your phone, launch the phones gallery app to choose the right display for you. The TV screen would exhibit:

Gallery: You could start slide-show by picking My Library & then press on Menu button to choose Slideshow command.

Mirror on Display: The phone’s screen output would be duplicated on your HDMI TV. This facility allows you to watch a full-sized rented movie from the phone to the TV.

Music: It will display music app from your phone. You can choose your desired album, playlist, artist & relish the music on big screen.

However, remember to switch on the TV speakers beforehand to listen to the music or movie or videos you transfer from the phone to the TV.

Once you are done with the display selection on the TV, some controls would come up on the big screen. In case you miss out on them, you have to tap the darkened space of your screen for a redisplay. The upper left side of the screen would exhibit a “Play” sign with “HDMI” showing under it. Tap on the HDMI” icon for launching player controls.

• Step 3

Press the Pause/Play button for outputting the selection (video or photo or movie or music) to the TV.

• Step 4

After you are successfully done with the transfer, do not forget to take out the HDMI cable from your phone.

• Having troubles?

In case you are having troubles with steps mentioned above, change your phone’s HDMI setting. Go for “Settings”, followed by “HDMI” & “HDMI Format”.