What is RFID technology?

RFID technologyThis technology identifies and adds tags to the people or objects it is attached to. It stands for Radio Frequency Identification and is wireless and uses non contact forms of identification through scientific electromagnetic fields. These tags are a powerhouse for information and emit some high frequency waves like micro waves which can be read in that electromagnetic field that it creates in the small radius. However there are other forms of reading and identification, for example the RDIF chips which operate on battery can operate even from a distance of 100 metres.

Advantages of this technology:

This is a revolutionary form of bringing change to way of tracking in several companies. There are a lot of people who benefit from this technology. Not only the one who produces it but also the military and navy, consulting firms, retailers and suppliers and the farmers with their animals. Tracking a carton or packet or a pallet or anything else with a RFID tag on it is anytime much better than a bar code because direct contact is unnecessary and being face to face is also not required. The RDIF technology helps in reducing the supply chain of the company reducing labor costs in turn, the time it takes to check and recheck and to keep an eye on human error.

To meet the new military standards the defense has created a new form of RDIF military compliance solution. It is understood that this was done to help the manufacturers and suppliers to meet the new military standards.

The systems of toll roads where motorists are billed requires a higher range and bill boards or barcodes don’t work here, this is where the RDIF technology comes to the rescue!

Since this technology has been there for over 50 years every company is adapting to it.